File Cabinet Lock Bars

Locking bars for securing file cabinets. Choose for 1,2,3,4 and 5 drawer file cabinets. Our multi lock bars securely locks all the drawers in your file cabinets.

file cabinet locking barFeatures: Multi-Point Locking system. The Outside hinge bar is coupled with a red inner slide bar that interlocks with a specially designed locking lug hinge at every drawer opening when in the locked position. Our multiple locking system eliminates torque found in devices that lock at top and bottom only. Built-in spring-loaded hinge Swings bar clear of all openings. With Multi-lock you have clearance for unrestricted access to adjacent files locked or unlocked. No Storage- Accident or Damage. Multi-lock becomes an integral part of the file and swings clear of the door opening solving the problem of storing heavy dangerous bars.

File cabinet locking bar • Available in 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 drawer versions
• Meets every security requirement of the DOD’s Industrial Security Manual for safeguarding classified information
• Both inner and outer bar are finished in powder-coat acrylic enamel
• Constructed of heavy 16-gauge formed steel
• Built-in spring-loaded hinge
• Multi-Lock swings clear of the file doors while remaining an integral part of the file cabinet
• Does not require storage of heavy locking bars while the lock is not in use
1- Drawer File Cabinet Length 11" $44.00 ea
2- Drawer File Cabinet Length 21.5" $46.50 ea
3- Drawer File Cabinet Length 33.5" $48.50 ea
4- Drawer File Cabinet Length 45" $49.00 ea
5- Drawer File Cabinet Length 56" $50.00 ea


Designed to be used with Multi-Lock locking Bars
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Part # M240  $22.95 each
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